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My Stepmother

I loved my stepmother, Jody, like a mother. She was in my father's life for twenty-one years, and when she died she had been ill with cancer for a year but only diagnosed for a few months.

She seemed to fade away quickly, and I didn't get to see her often during that time. She died Friday, August 1, 2003, the day I drove three hours to find a home to start a new job. I was on the way to see her that day when I got the news that she had died. I arrived just a half hour after they had come for her body.

I had to go on to look for a home because I needed to move that Monday. After renting a place, I returned to my father's home to check on him, and was asked to stay the weekend. I agreed and after a few hours we were alone. We talked and just relaxed.

The next afternoon in a period of particular quiet I heard, in my head, the words, "I love you, Sally." I said back, "I love you, too," and I knew I was talking to Jody. At that moment, I felt a unique sense of love and peace, and then she was gone.

I said to my father, "I think Jody's spirit just left us." He replied, "Yes, I felt it, too." I still miss her but I will never forget that moment in time. It was a special comfort during that year of turmoil and loss.


Posted July 28, 2005