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As a young girl, I lost my mother at the age of nine. I didn't know she was going to die and it was terribly traumatic for me. I lived a lonely childhood as my father never remarried and we lived in poverty with no communication.

When my first child was three months old, I had an ache in my heart for my mother to see her, an ache unlike any lonely feeling I had ever encountered. I bathed my daughter one day, dressed her up really cute, put her in the buggy and went for a walk.

All of a sudden I saw this pretty gray haired older lady come walking toward us. She looked right into the buggy, looked at me, smiled and kept walking. I felt like my "heart fell to my toes" because I knew it was the mother I hadn't seen since I was a child.

After she passed me, I had to turn around and look at her again. I guess I wanted more of her attention. After all, I had been without her for so many years (I am now 62 years old.)

When I turned, she also had turned to look at me and our eyes met for the last time. I then turned back around, and when I looked again she was gone. I believe it truly was my mother. I have no doubt and feel no need to prove it to anyone. That's how real it was.

Mary D.
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Posted July 28, 2005