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My Parents Were at the Wedding

My mother passed away in December 2006 at age 83, followed by my father in August 2007 at age 90. It was difficult losing them so close together, but I was happy that they were with each other again. When my youngest son became engaged and was married in 2008, we were all ready for a happy family event.

The parties and dinners were fun and the bride and groom were beautiful. As the reception progressed that evening, it became obvious that nobody from my family was going to show up. Not brothers or sister, not aunts or uncles and not even one of my son's many cousins. I was devastated and went to bed that night feeling very heavy-hearted and homesick.

It was then that I had a brief dream; in the dream I was once again at the wedding reception, mingling and chatting with the crowd of people. As the crowd moved a bit, I saw my mother sitting in a chair among the group. Everyone else was standing, but she was sitting.

She looked lovely and was wearing a blue dress with a little white collar. She smiled at me and said, "Your father is here too." Then, as I turned to look in the direction she indicated, I woke up.

What a blessing and comfort it was to know that my parents had been at their grandson's wedding.I had family there after all!

E. Brush

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Posted Feb. 8, 2013