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After Death Communication Story

A mother whose twin daughters were about to graduate from college was very apprehensive about the approaching event. Her husband, who had died recently, had very much wanted to see this day. So their anticipation was greatly diminished by his absence.

Alice was asleep early in the morning before daylight when she felt a touch as though someone was pulling at her foot. She woke with the thought that the dog had jumped up on the bed. She sat up to look but could not see the dog. Lying down again, she found herself unable to go back to sleep. She had the feeling that there was some sort of presence in the room with her.

As she sat up again to try to figure out what was happening, she saw her husband sitting at the foot of the bed. He was leaning against the footboard and was turned so that he was looking at her. She could see a smile on his face, and noticed that he was wearing an outfit which she recognized. He seemed to be fully materialized and looked like a normal human being. But although it was dark in the room and there was no illumination, she could see him clearly, and concluded that there must have been some kind of light shining from him or around him.

She said his name and reached out toward him. He responded by calling her "Ally", a pet name which he always used. His voice was clear and distinct, and it sounded exactly as it had sounded in life. He said, "You don't need to feel alone when the girls graduate. I will be there too." Again she tried to reach toward him but he slowly disappeared.

This was a very reassuring experience for Alice. She went through the graduation with a great sense of peace and enjoyed herself thoroughly. She did not, however, tell the girls about this experience until some time later. At first they were doubtful, but eventually came to believe the story completely.

Theda M.
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