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In 2004 I did an Alpha course where they walked us through astral travelling. I had a wonderful experience travelling out of the building, then out of the city and off into the universe where I saw the clichéd white beach and a spirit guide dressed as a native Indian girl.

I never really thought much about it as the years went by. One night about four years later I was alone in my bed trying to go to sleep. I was very upset because my son had had another very bad motor bike accident. He was in constant pain and it was starting to affect his mental health. I was taking care of him to the best of my ability but was really feeling the strain as I have always been a worrier.

I was crying in bed and trying not to let my son hear me from his room. All at once I knew there was another presence in the bed. I am usually easily frightened but I was not at all afraid. Telepathically, this entity, who I could only describe as an angel without wings, told me to rest my head on his shoulder. He seemed to be about seven feet tall and was wearing a long robe. I didn’t see his face in the dark but I knew it was a male presence. As soon as I rested my head on his upper chest the most indescribable feeling of peace, bliss and unconditional love swept through me. I went from inconsolable to these wonderful feelings immediately.

The next thing I knew we had astral travelled into the universe and were standing beside a beautiful red and orange formation of matter. The angel had me by the arms and all I could feel was the same unconditional love and peace. It all seemed to happen in slow motion but was over in seconds. I remember recalling later the words of St. Paul when he describes someone’s visit to heaven: “whether in the body or out of the body I do not know.” The other phrase from the Bible which came to me later was “the peace of God which passes all understanding.”

I have only told my husband, sister and son of this event. Nobody can understand what it was like or believe it could happen until they experience it for themselves. I am 57 years old and very ordinary and normal. I love the fact that I had this experience and I call on it when something stressful happens.

Shayne Richardson

Posted 12-9-2016