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An Unconventional Response

After a string of sudden turns in my employment status, I found myself questioning the career path I'd begun. Out of nowhere, on 2-01-01, on my way to work, a question rolled through me as I sat in my car waiting for a traffic light to turn green: "Do I serve the corporate world or God?"

I asked this out loud. And, of course, I saw no lightning bolt spear the tarmac nearby, heard no sound come through the radio or my car's open windows-not a peep-no commanding voice stating God's wise counsel in that moment. I'd begun to believe in synchronicity and knew, without a doubt, that I was working in an office that was stretching my patience and compassion to the limit. I truly did not believe that I would receive an answer to that compelling question right away.

BUT, as the light turned green and I coaxed my car forward, I felt compelled to look to my left, at the car moving up alongside me. I glanced at its license plate as it passed me in the left lane…and There It Was… SERVIAM,* on that car's license plate, in bold black letters.

My answer. I got goosebumps-there in the car-and wanted to pull off the street. Instead, I was pushed into traffic while the knowledge of that "instant hit" settled into my gut. And, believe me, I remained dumbfounded for days over this incident. But I wished that it was a confirmation that God had my back. Forever.

[*For those who are unfamiliar with the reference, in the Bible God refers to Himself as "I AM."]

Jeanne E Nelson