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Coincidence- Small Daily Miracles

In I Cor. 15:44, Paul says, "There is a physical body, so there has to be a spiritual body."

We might paraphrase that text to read: "There are physical senses, so there have to be spiritual senses." Our physical senses are incapable of recognizing the spiritual dimension which surrounds us, so we need spiritual senses to connect us with the other side of our God-given nature. Coincidence is one of those senses.

Ken Anderson, an authority on coincidence, asks: "Is coincidence evidence some as yet unknown spiritual law of nature?" Dr. Carl Jung gave the name "synchronicity" to what we call coincidence. He contended that thoughts or events which share some common meaning are attracted to each other like magnets.

Much of our life is cause-and-effect, which we can understand as a rational principle in the physical world. Coincidence is a reminder of the forgotten non-causal side of things. That, in one sense, is its purpose. Since there are least as many unconnected or non-causal events as there are causal ones, coincidence can be seen as pointing to this missing half of reality. Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Peace, Love and Healing, describes coincidences as "God's way of remaining anonymous."

It may be that through the undiscovered law that controls coincidence, God is trying to communicate with us. We need to take these experiences more seriously: seek them out, recognize them when they happen, and learn what they have to teach us about the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.