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About Personal Spiritual Experiences?

In putting together, we felt that the most compelling evidence of the spirit world's existence is to be found in the experiences of ordinary people. We could have taken accounts from the many books on the subject, but it is much more convincing to hear first-hand stories from people we know.

As soon as we started to put this site together, we began bumping into people who had stories to tell. Not only were the stories convincing, but the timing was its own message. Since we were ready to hear them, God obliged us by sending us the material. Many of these people had never told their stories to anyone before.

In this section are personal narratives in ten categories: After Death Communication, Angel Communication, Coincidence, Near Death Experiences, Pre-Birth Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences, Meditating, Healing, Dreams and Visions, and Reincarnation.

We enjoy reading stories like this, and we have discovered that when we tell them to a group, people in the group always have similar stories to share. We hope these accounts inspire you and teach you to look for God's activity in your own life. And we hope that you will be willing to share some of your stories with us, perhaps for use on this site.

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Thanks, and God bless you in your spiritual journey.




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