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After Death Communication Story

Grace was going into her bedroom one day when she was startled to see a woman sitting on her bed. The woman didn't look fully materialized but she wasn't transparent; that is, Grace could not see through her.

Grace did a double take and stopped in shock. There was no outside entrance to the room, and therefore no way this woman could have gotten into the room. The woman turned slowly, smiled at her, and then gradually faded, getting lighter and lighter until Grace couldn't see her any longer.

When she described the woman to her husband, he was startled. Grace seemed to be describing his grandmother. A day later, they learned that the grandmother, who lived in the Middle East, had died suddenly the night before.

Grace's own grandmother appeared to her several times, usually at difficult times during Grace's life. Grace's three daughters slept in the same room. When Grace's older daughter, Lori, was having behavioral problems, the woman would come and sit on the window seat in their room at night, nearest the other two girls, as though to watch over them all. Years later, when Grace's younger daughter was shown a photo of her grandmother, she said in surprise, "That's the woman who used to be in our bedroom at night.

On one occasion the older daughter was missing, and Grace went to look for her. She tried to get out the side door of the house but it would not open. Grace felt someone push her, turning her toward the cellar stairs. When she went down, she found her daughter and some friends there, plotting some unsavory action.

On another occasion, Grace felt someone shake her from sleep. Her grandmother was standing by the bed and said to her, "Get up! Lori is not here." She went into her daughter's room and found it empty. Without thinking about it, she picked up the phone and dialed a number. She had no idea what the number was, but it turned out to be the phone number of a friend of Lori's whom Grace did not know. Lori was at the girl's house. Later, she had no idea how she had been able to do this but credits her grandmother.

Grace later talked to a friend of her grandmother's who was very old. She and Grace's grandmother had been girlhood friends. She told Grace that her grandmother had been psychic, that she talked to spirits frequently, and that she was an old soul who had been here many times in many different incarnations.