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Pre-Birth Experience Story
Austin's Pre-Birth Story

When my son, Austin, was five years old, he revealed to me one day, in a very matter of fact way, that he remembered what it was like before he was born.

I had been doing research on pre-birth experiences just minutes before he told me this, but hadn't spoken to him about the subject. I was stunned and happy at the same time, and didn't dismiss what he had said. I just said, "Really?" In his five-year-old way, he said, "Yeah, it was neat," and went off to play.

I didn't get to probe any further at that point but I was curious to know more. I didn't have to wait long. A week or so later, I was relaxing in a chair with Austin snuggled on my lap, thinking about what he had told me. I asked him, "Do you remember when...?" He stopped me in mid- sentence and finished it with "when I lived in space?" I was overjoyed at the connection that we shared during those moments. Here, in his words, are the details of his memory.

"I looked at my body and it was a spirit. I didn't expect to come to Earth because it was so huge and solid. And it was amazing where I was before. When I was in space I saw other spirits. I couldn't talk then, I didn't have a mouth. I knew I was going to go inside you, and I wasn't afraid. I was going straight into you. I remember the spirits were blue. I saw all the planets and I saw the moon. The sun was not far from me."

I must have been beaming when he was telling me this, because after he was done he touched my cheek with his little hand and said, "The loving is all about your eyes and cheeks."

Darlene Walsh