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Pre-Birth Experience Story
The Baseball Boy

This amazing incident happened 20 years ago. I woke up at 3 a.m. and saw a vision of a small boy standing in front of my bathroom door. He looked to be about 6-8 years old and was wearing a baseball uniform and holding a bat.

I knew he was a visiting spirit, and that if I blinked he would disappear, so I stared as long as possible. Then he was gone. My two daughters were sleeping so, because they were young and in high school, I never mentioned my experience to them.

Approximately five years later, my oldest daughter was home from college with some friends. They were sitting in our family room talking about ghosts. My daughter, Michelle, said, "I saw a ghost a few years ago in my bedroom about 2-3 a.m. He was wearing a baseball uniform and had a bat in his hand."

When I heard this, I questioned her and we traced it back to the time when I had seen the same image. Thinking about who this baseball boy might be, I had the strong feeling that he was going to be my daughter's son and that "baseball" would be the clue that would let us know. She and I never forgot our joint experience over the years. She also felt that he might be a child of hers.

Well, my daughter did have a son and she decorated his baby room with a baseball theme. James is now four and signed up for a T-ball team, which comes before baseball. He loves sports, especially baseball, and enjoys reading books and seeing pictures about it.

We feel that James chose his mother and was watching over her for many years before he reincarnated. He made himself known to me as well because of my belief in life after life and my ability to corroborate Michelle's sighting instead of leaving her to wonder if it was only her imagination.

Only time will tell if there is another message that he brought to us in the wee hours of the night that relates to baseball. Perhaps he was a baseball player in his previous life. My daughter and I are both looking forward to the first time we see James fully clad in a baseball uniform.


Posted 2/4/10