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Pre-Birth Experience Story
Remembering Before I Was Born

I remember where I was before I was born. I was Home; I loved everyone deeply and knew they loved me the same. I was thinking about the thrill of coming here into the physical world. It felt like a weekend holiday you look forward to, and I was excited about all the things I'd get to do when I was here.

I remember thinking about how many times I'd done this before, and that after this one, I'd get to stay back Home for good. I remember reflecting on my past lives like flipping through images in a Rolodex file.

I suddenly got up, saying, "I'll do it," and the next thing I knew, I was slammed into my mom's belly. As soon as I realized that I was in physical form again, I freaked out. I started yelling "I want to go back; I don't want to do this again," and I squirmed and jerked until I heard a familiar voice say, "It's alright, I'm right here." I said, "Where? I can't see you!" He said, "I'll be right here." With that, I calmed down because I felt I could trust Him.

While I was in my mom's belly, I could hear conversations she had. I recall one conversation she was having with my dad. It was in front of a big window with the light coming in, and they were discussing where to put the couch. I remember feeling the joy coming from the two of them. The next day I was born.

I remember the delivery room: the bright lights, the sea foam green walls, the stainless steel. It was all blurry and I was cold. From there I remember moments when I was being held and felt safe. One morning while gumming a squeak toy, I was enjoying the taste of the sweet air inside when all of a sudden I could see. As though the lights came on, I could see everything around me. I looked at the object I was holding and it was a yellow kangaroo squeak toy with my slobber all over it. I saw a console TV and knew what it was. I saw colorful lights dancing around the room that came from a silver tree covered with lights and shiny things. I observed a sea of toys and piles of colorful torn paper. I could hear my brother in the background playing with his toys, banging things. I saw my mom and dad sitting across the room on a white couch that had shiny reflecting plastic covers. I remember thinking, "Mom, Dad." I wanted to get up and go to them but I couldn't. After that, I came to the conclusion I should remember these things since they would be important for me to recall in the future. From that point, I worked hard to remember and pay attention to what was going on around me.


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Posted 11/19/2011