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Pre-Birth Experience Story
My Daughter

I have a daughter who appeared to me two years before she was born. My husband and I were in an elevator in a medical building on his way to have a vasectomy. When the elevator doors opened and we stepped off the elevator, my eyes were suddenly open in the spirit.

The doctor’s door turned black and another door appeared next to it that was full of light. I knew that it meant that if we chose to go through the doctor’s door it would be a terrible mistake.

Suddenly, two eyes appeared in front of me and they spoke to me telepathically saying, "Please don't cut off my destiny." My husband did not see this vision but he was unable to move his feet forward to proceed through the door. We turned and looked at each other and said, "Let’s get out of here!”

My daughter was born two years later and has the same eyes that I saw in the vision. I thought at the time that the eyes were a representation of a future person, but now I realize it was actually her speaking to me and that she was already in existence.

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