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Pre-Birth Experience Story
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When I was young, less than five years old, I distinctly recalled pre-birth memories. At the time, it seemed natural to me that I had these memories from before I came to this reality. The following is difficult to describe, but here goes.

I recall experiencing a pre-birth waiting period, and then subsequently reviewing a vast mental "flow chart" of my new life. I had a deep sense of what this life would be like, how long it would feel like when I was in it (it was going to feel very long!), how I might experience different stages, and how likely it was that I might experience certain events.

I remember being very excited about the life. I do not recall actually deciding to accept it, but I do remember being instructed clearly to "dive in" (to the body?) with all my energy, with full commitment, in order to have the proper connection. I had the sense that in a past attempt I failed to "dive in" properly, having hesitated due to the strange sensation of becoming immersed in it, and that I had learned a lesson in that previous failure.

So I did dive in this time with all my energy committed, and as I did so, I remember a vast bubble that can only be described as a "veil" or a "black space of restricted knowing" coming over me. It was extremely strange, uncomfortably strange, and I remember responding in fear. I recall trying with all my might to leap back out: I couldn't do so, but then I felt a great sense of "Am-ness" for a brief moment, almost as if to calm me, telling me "this is still what you are."

Later, when I was a young child I would occasionally try to draw upon the "flow chart" memory to see what I should expect, though my ability to do so greatly diminished as I aged.

Also one other memory on a related note: when I was three and four years old, I distinctly remember expecting that others could feel the emotion that I was experiencing, as though this was a natural ability for everyone. One day I was dancing to music for a house guest, and they walked away un-impressed. At that moment it dawned on me that she could not feel what I was experiencing, and it was a huge realization of what a strange place I was now in!

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Posted May 30, 2014