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Pre-Birth Experience Story
Saved By A Dream

When I realized I was pregnant for the second time, the feeling was bittersweet. I wanted a baby, but my husband and I were very poor and lived with his parents. So I thought of putting the baby up for adoption.

That very night, I dreamed that I had a baby boy and did give him up. But I also befriended his adoptive parents and was allowed to have him on weekends.

One Sunday, they came to pick up the baby and I cried as I watched their red SUV drive away. I kept saying to myself that I wanted my baby back. After this dream I never again considered adoption.

It wasn't until my son was two months old that I saw it - he looked just like the baby in my dream!

Evelyn Roub

[Ed. Note: We know that the spirit of the future child works with the mother to provide a healthy pregnancy and a safe home environment. Since the child's spirit had obviously chosen this mother, he apparently wanted to make certain that she didn't change his game plan. Interesting how creative this whole process can become!]