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Pre-Birth Experience Story
A Pre-Birth Farewell

I was about fifteen weeks pregnant with my third child and was ironing in the basement while my three-year-old daughter played nearby. She kept repeating, " I love you. I'm gonna miss you."

After she said it a number of times, she finally caught my attention. I asked her, "Baby, who were you talking to?" and she replied, "My baby brother." I didn't think much of it and didn't connect it to my pregnancy.

A few days later, I started cramping and spotting. I was hospitalized when it became apparent that I would be unable to sustain the pregnancy. Approximately ten days after the incident in the basement, I delivered my son who, needless to say, did not live.

Amanda Necklace

[Ed. note:] This is a really unusual story. It suggests a psychic bond between siblings that reaches into the pre-birth period. And it also gives further evidence that the spirit of the developing baby is able to interact with its future family while in utero.

Posted 2/4/10