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Pre-Birth Dreams About My Granddaughter

During the winter/spring of 1997, I had the same dream three times within four months. In the dream there was a little female toddler with brown curly hair that I was concerned about. I was trying to find the person who was supposed to be taking care of her. I kept asking people, "Who is this child? Shouldn't someone be watching her?"

In one of the dreams there was a man whose job it was to take care of her. He was under a car, fixing it, and had allowed the child to go into the street. I immediately went and got her and admonished the man. For the rest of the dream, I was holding this little girl's hand wherever I went. In another dream, my husband was supposed to be caring for her, and he also allowed her to go into the street. Once again I got her and she was with me for the duration of the dream. In the third dream, I saw her repeatedly. She seemed to be wandering around alone. This time I noticed that the bottom half of her face, from right below the nose to her chin, was covered with lace. I couldn't figure out what this lace was, but I felt that I was to accept her as she was, lace and all. Again, she stayed with me for the entire dream.

When I woke up each time I wrote the dreams down, and I drew a picture of the child with the lace on her face. I put the dreams aside, figuring that the answer would come eventually. Almost two years later, my daughter took a pregnancy test while she was visiting our home. When she walked into the living room to tell me the results, I saw an aura of pink gingham all around her. Before she could tell me, I knew. She was pregnant and it was a girl. The father was a young man she had been dating. They had broken up and he was leaving that evening for California. About a month earlier I had done a numerology report on them both, and it stated that they were not compatible. However, the test said that if they ever had a child, it would be extraordinarily intelligent. We, of course, blew it off as just a fun thing.

My daughter found a new boyfriend, and they moved in with my husband and me a month before the baby was born. He was with her through her pregnancy and the baby's birth. He even had the baby call him "Daddy" after she started talking. For the next two years, they continued to live with us while they both went to school. Guess who cared for the baby…yep, me!

When my granddaughter was one year old, she was just starting to get hair, and it was coming in...curly! One day, about six months later, she was standing in our living room with her pacifier in her mouth. When I looked at her, it just washed over me -- there she stood with her curly hair and her lacy pacifier covering the bottom of her face. The child from my dreams! I got my journal and showed my husband the picture I had drawn several years earlier, and he was astounded!

When her boyfriend left her, my daughter and the baby moved back in with us. My husband and I went to court and now have joint custody so as to give our granddaughter the stability she needs.

So the result is - yes, I am the one who is supposed to care for this child. And I feel that my dreams were a message from God that I would be able to do it. She is now four-and-a-half and extraordinarily intelligent, just as the test predicted. She is a bright, happy child who prays each evening, thanking God for Jesus and all his fairies! She is a bright spot in our lives, and a real blessing to the whole family. And God prepared me for her arrival by those three remarkable dreams.

Sandra Cashion