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All my life I have remembered not only my birth and that of my twin brother, but I have also remembered very small glimpses of what I left behind. As a Christian, I realize that there is a Heaven, but I clearly know what it looks like due to this amazing memory.

First, the place is incredibly beautiful. I remember there are fantastic paths to walk on, a lot of green grass, shady trees, ponds, lakes, and fountains. There are buildings that are beyond belief in terms of architecture. Also, Heaven has a real atmosphere. There is bright light like you associate with a sunny day and blue skies. There is no darkness but sometimes the atmosphere changes to a nice peaceful sunset kind of glow.

I remember there were a lot of people there having fun, moving about, sitting on the perfect grass near water. The houses there make our houses here on Earth look like nothing. Heaven is a real place and everything that is lovely on Earth is patterned after what already exists in Heaven. Heaven is the original. When we go back to Heaven, it is going to be like a home coming.

I remember walking down a path with an individual to my right. We weren't talking, but he was explaining things to me that I can't recall. We came to a place where a number of people were standing around. They were all beautifully dressed and exuded an incredible love towards me. We were standing in front of some kind of opening that looked almost like the mouth of a cave. We were waiting for someone whom I loved very much. Finally, this person arrived and there was a tremendous sense of peace and love associated with Him. I realize now that it was Jesus Christ.

He came over to me and just looked into my eyes. His eyes are difficult to describe except that they radiated pure love and peace. His love is beyond what words can express. Then I noticed that there was an individual who was going to escort me into the cave-like structure. Perhaps this is the same tunnel that NDE people recall. I believe that we have to go through that same tunnel to be born.

I remember entering this dark tunnel and being escorted by a being who also exuded love and peace. I noticed the presence of others in the tunnel also, but could not see what they were doing. Finally, I remember looking at my small body, and next thing I remember, I was being born.

I also vividly remember that someone showed me to my mother (from the right side). Strangely, there were a couple of instances where I was out of my baby body and was able to watch the entire operating room. Then I went back inside my body.

Lastly, I remember lying in the incubator and the being was still standing next to me projecting that incredible sense of love and peace. Then this being, who must have been an angel, began to leave. I felt cold and alone. I didn't want this being to leave. I also noticed another baby who I knew was the same one that was with me inside my mother. It was my twin brother.

Through the years, I often think about this experience, and how blessed I was to have the chance to remember where I came from. This is not about religion, but about reality. Jesus said that He was going back to Heaven to prepare a place for us. There are beautiful places there already, but He is building something so awesome that we can't even begin to imagine what it looks like.

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Posted March 31st, 2008