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Pre-Birth Experience Story
An After Death Experience

To tell my pre-birth experience from the beginning, I have to begin with my death. I was lying on a bed in a bluish room with my husband next to me. Every breath I took was sharp and painful. I had been expecting to die long hours before, and when the horrible sound of my gasping finally stopped, I was relieved. Then without much thought I was moving upward.

The next thing I was aware of was standing in a great white place. There was a circular balcony above me and beings made of light were clapping. It seemed strange to me, but I knew somehow that they were applauding my now-finished life. Along with the group above my head, there was a line of beings in front of me, all of them made of light, which made their faces hard to distinguish. Still, I knew that I recognized some of them.

The clapping stopped very suddenly. One of the beings, a blue one, walked up to me. I had so many questions - Is this heaven? Who are those people? What happens now? He told me to wait for the answers, and then he reached out toward my chest. I saw that it was transparent, and there was a blackness in the lungs where the cancer had been. It was still painful, even then. But without much effort, he dispelled the blackness, and I felt my whole being regain complete health.

Then he touched the right side of my face, and suddenly I remembered everything - that I was a light-being, so to speak, and that my life on earth was not my real life. Rather, this place was my home. It was overwhelmingly familiar.

I spent the next few days wandering around heaven repeatedly exclaiming "Oh, yeah! That's right!" It must have been annoying, but it was difficult not to react - everywhere I went I recognized people, places, buildings, rivers, trees. And I recognized myself in a way I hadn't before, a way that was so complete that looking back at it now I only recall a vague shadow of that self-awareness.

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