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Like our world, heaven is not one place but many. I recall two "places" which were on a level different from my own. Other than that, my memories are relegated to the specific city I lived in. It was set around a bay, and had tall palm trees, plants, and many paths and rivers that ran alongside them.

The paths were so many that I actually got lost and had to "think" myself back onto the right road - no one has to walk because in that world we can travel by thought. But because it is so pleasant, we almost always prefer to walk to a destination rather than simply "arrive."

Everything everywhere is made of light and the colors are so intense that memories from earth seem strangely colorless. Many people have houses, but usually we choose to live with housemates. I don't think it's because of a lack of space but rather a desire for company. Plenty of people simply sleep outside: the weather is always perfect, bugs will never bite you, nothing gets dirty, so there's no reason to stay inside!

Dark doesn't really happen, but the sky will at times turn dusky pink or purple, and that seems to suffice as nighttime. I remember being sort of tickled by it, like, Oh, is it evening now? Who decided that?

Anyone who remembers heaven will tell you about the water. It's incredible. The way it moves, the sparkle and transparency, the rainbow of colors. Imagine something so beautiful that, even though you've seen it for hundreds of years and spent whole days staring at it, its beauty is still so astonishing that looking at it while walking will actually stop you dead in your tracks. I remember being late to meet someone because this once happened to me!

Although I don't remember much about the "greater cities," there were definitely places of learning. There were moving stairs, somewhat like escalators with nothing supporting them underneath, that would take me to places on higher levels. But whenever I try to recall what I saw when I got to the top, my mind goes blank. I figure it was probably a bigger city, somewhere people go to complete tasks or learn things, because I wasn't allowed to go without a guide accompanying me.

I once went there long ago to learn the violin. Before this life, I asked if I could return to the music room to learn more. They said I didn't need any new lessons, but I'm taking up the violin again in the hopes that the next time around, I can somehow convince them to let me into that dang music room again. I think this kind of training explains why some people are born with innate talent - the ability to sing, dance, write, paint, or act extremely well from a very young age - because they took lessons in spirit long before they arrived here.

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