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Pre-Birth Experience Story
Reviewing My Former Life, Choosing My Next One

A little while after I died, my life was prepared for me to review. I was brought to a kind of library where people sat reading (which surprised me at the time - I thought that reading a book was a bit antiquated for heaven, but I guess I was wrong). They put me in front of a projection screen on which clips of my life in 3-D were shown. My life "movie" was paused at key points. These were important lessons I had learned, or times when my integrity was tested, and the guide would discuss them with me.

Sometimes the film flickered into black and white. I remember being so excited about reviewing my life that I hounded the worker in charge of it every day, asking when the film would be ready. He finally told me to stop asking, that he would let me know.

At some point, I had to pick my next life. I was brought in front of another screen that had six lives displayed on it. It was like watching movie trailers of six people - scenes played from their childhoods, their struggles and triumphs. A guide stood next to me and answered my questions about each life in order to help me choose one.

I remember narrowing it down to a life as a rich blonde girl, a middle-class brunette, a cheerful blonde homosexual boy, and a dark-haired woman whose life was full of struggle. Because I could learn more, the guide pressured me to choose the life of struggle. However, I declined because lives that seem easy and sweet from heaven are usually more challenging when you're the one who has to live through them! I believe that's a big reason why some people commit suicide - they overestimated how much they could handle spiritually.

Eventually I narrowed it down to the brunette and the homosexual boy. After a long debate, I chose the brunette, almost solely based on the fact that the homosexual boy's "great love" in life happened in his early twenties and was followed by solitude, while the female's life ended with finding a loving partner. Apparently I like my lives to end on a good note!

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