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I was given a time limit in heaven right from the start. The days were much longer there; I had 77 of them in which to relax before I incarnated once again. I judge this to be at least 10 years on Earth, because I was allowed to "peek" at my current mother's life as it progressed.

My first view of her was when she was about twenty years old. I periodically checked up on her for the rest of my time in heaven, getting to know her before I was born as her daughter (she had me when she was thirty-four). I actually knew her in spirit, of course, but as spirits we're sometimes very different from our earthly selves. I was trying to become familiar with her human personality in this life, which was formed from a great deal of hardship, as I observed while there.

Even though I had hand-selected my new life, I was literally counting the days until I could return to human form. It's hard to leave a comfortable home for an uncertain future! And surprisingly, that is very much emphasized in heaven: you never know what might happen on Earth.

There's a dark place, like a cave, where spirits go to fall toward their incarnate life. Before you enter, a group surrounds you, blessing you and praying that everything will go as it was divinely planned. But of course, there are no guarantees.

The falling itself didn't scare me - it's like going down a dark, nondescript elevator shaft with different levels flashing by. On occasion your soul stops at some level to be "tinkered with," to be adjusted to life in a physical world or to have your memory blocked. One of these "tinkerers" asked me nervously if I was absolutely sure I wanted to do this. And I told him yes. I was excited to be living again.


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