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Pre-Birth Experience Story
The Light of Life

I finally came out of my shell about my childhood experience. For decades I thought I was crazy. I shared my experience with only a few people. I finally searched the Internet and realized that others have had a similar experience. 

My earliest memory, at three years of age, was of seeing a vibrant white light. The light produced a feeling of warmth, energy and peace and I was floating through this light. I was a being; I did not have a body form. The light was not blinding. It was “the light of life!"  I had the feeling of complete happiness.
That was my first memory and it haunted me until recently. I believe the experience occurred prior to my birth. 

I'm trying to locate others who have had similar experiences. I want to know what we have in common. Why do only a small percentage of humans recall events surrounding their birth? Also, what does all this means? Does it symbolize something?


Posted 9/23/14