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Pre-Birth Experience Story
Memories Before I Was Born

I remember distinctly before being born, as I was waiting patiently for what vehicle I would use, my future mother had an abortion. I felt very sad. But I overheard a couple talking about having a baby. I could see them, could see what they were wearing and where they were.

The site was located in Havana, Cuba. Between the old zoo and a place called the forest of Havana, there is a park with benches. At the time, I was suspended above the couple somewhere and I could hear the conversation very magnified. That's when I floated directly over to hear the details. Afterwards, I felt how much they loved each other and how they wanted a baby. I could feel their emotion internally. I decided I wanted to be with them although we were going to go through some hardships. At the moment I made that decision, I felt as though a vacuum sucked me in, and it was like I went to sleep until a couple of days after I was born.

After being born, I remember that I tried to speak but all I could hear were screams. I then saw the face of my present mother and guessed she was the one I saw that day. Once I could physically talk in this life, I told my parents about the experience. When I told them the story, they remembered being at the zoo, but could not remember what they were wearing. I went to the closet and took out the clothes. They went into shock when the realized that I recalled their exact conversation.

When I was sixteen, I met a friend of my mother's who came to the house. I recognized her immediately as the person who was supposed to be my mother in this life. I told her about the man who would have been my father and about her abortion. She couldn't believe it, but because there were so many details, there was not a doubt in my mind. We remained friends and her daughter from a later marriage went on to call me her brother.

Actually, I consider myself very lucky to have a relationship with both my actual mother and the previous one. The reason for this experience, and being able to prove it to witnesses, is to demonstrate to the world that life goes on regardless of bodily death.

Daniel Waterman - Posted March 4, 2003