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I always longed to recall my birth or even my existence pre-birth, but until recently I thought I could not.

When I was four years old, my family moved to a new home. I have memories of us house-shopping with a real estate agent. I was in the basement of an unfamiliar home. There was a goldfish bowl on a brown bookshelf and I was very excited because I thought that if we bought that house, I could own the goldfish.

I remember the presence of a gentle man being nearby. I always thought he was the real estate agent. However, I don't remember actually seeing the man, just feeling his presence and his caring voice. He told me that this was not going to be my home because life there would be too difficult. In retrospect, it would have been odd for a real estate agent to tell clients that it would be "difficult" there.

The next thing I remember is being outside of a three or four story building. In this memory I am looking up at one of the top floor windows and wanting to go live "in there." It was like I was floating and I don't even have a sense that I had a body. I only had a consciousness. I recall a warm feeling of peace and excitement from looking at that upper window.

I also have a memory of seeing my older brother when he was three years of age, on the day that I was born. I recall my brother standing at the window by a white radiator, having a temper tantrum because my parents were leaving for the hospital to give birth to me. My brother was left with our aunt and uncle and he was hysterical. I remember this as clearly as if I had seen it on TV.

I recently asked my mother about these memories. She told me that we did not view any homes prior to our move. So, there was no basement and no goldfish bowl. They did not consider moving to an apartment, but she said that I was born on the top floor of a three or four floor medical building. To my shock, she verified the story of my brother's tantrum when she left for the hospital to have me. I was shocked to realize that after all these years, perhaps I did have pre-birth memories which I hadn't recognized.

The goldfish bowl house could have been God helping me to select my family. He warned me that it would be too challenging for me to live with that family. The four floor building is where I was born. That's why I was hovering outside, eager to go in the window. And, somehow, I watched my mother leave for the hospital when she was in labour with me. Amazing!


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Posted on July 15, 2012