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Pre-Birth Experience Story
A Pre-Birth Memory

I have a pre-birth experience that stands out very clearly in my mind. It involves my mother’s memory also, something that had happened to her before she met my father.

She was driving in the middle of a blizzard, and I was with her even though I had not been born yet. I remember flying into the car, moving through the air without any kind of physical form whatsoever. I felt like a giant amount of energy condensed into a very small space. I was sitting next to my mother in the front seat of an older vehicle which had a bench seat. When I say sitting I mean I was floating there next to her, but I was very small.

We were in a whiteout and all I could see was snow hitting the windshield. I recall a big white owl flying over the hood of the vehicle and up over the windshield. We nearly hit it but it just gracefully rose over us, its wings spreading as wide as the car.

The reason I know all this is true is because I was talking to my mother one day about this memory and I asked her if she knew where we were going. She said it was right at the top of Aurora Springs in Eldon, Missouri where I was raised and lived for a good part of my childhood,

She told me I wasn’t born yet and that she didn’t even meet my dad until a few weeks later. She asked me how I knew about this event, since it happened before I was born. Needless to say I still haven’t been able to answer her question, nor my own.

I am unsure whether this memory is mine or my mother's because It seems as if I chose to be there at that moment and she is who I chose to be with. I feel intertwined with her beyond the fact that she is my mother. I was in a spiritual form and she was in a human form.