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My Pre-Birth Experience


Before finding this site, I thought that I was the only one who has ever remembered experiencing this. For as long as I can remember I've always known how I came into this life and how I chose to be here. 

The first moment of my pre-birth experience that I was allowed to remember was being called by the "gods" to start the process of being sent down from heaven into physical "life." I remember walking into a room and seeing three figures who had much more authority than I did but who weren't intimidating or overpowering. They were looked upon as the wiser souls, and I seemed to know that they worked under someone much more powerful than they, someone who was kind and who lived in harmony with heaven but was also in charge of it, someone whom I had met before but did not see at the gathering.

The eyes through which I was looking were unlike any human eye. I was able to look all around me without moving my head. By simply thinking, I could get an aerial view without actually being above. I could see every thing from one side to the opposite side, above to below in one take.

As I walked to the three figures, I was excited and a little nervous. They all wished me luck on my "journey" and said I would be back before I knew it. Then I remember being sent down through a black tunnel which was dark but not frightening.

I remember morphing and changing as I went further down the tunnel, and I was happy that I was getting to progress and learn new things in another life. The memory ends there.

In this life, the first time I remembered all of this  was when I was around the age of three. I also remember thinking that this was something that happened to everyone but not everyone remembered it so I couldn't talk about. It's very interesting to read in other people's stories on this site some of the things that I remember; it lets me know that I'm not crazy or that it wasn't just a dream that I had as a kid.

Andrea Alexander

Posted 7/8/2014