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My vision starts off with me being in a place that looks like the end of the world just happened. I go into a dark cave and there are a lady and a gentleman consoling each other; the man is not crying but the lady is. He looks at me but he doesn't speak.

I hear a voice inside my head and I'm shown my previous life and asked questions like whether I had learned my lesson, to which I replied I had. Then I'm shown a mirror and a wash basin. It tells me that the water is there so I can wash up before I go to my new “place.” I'm very dirty but can't understand why. He shows me in the mirror the options for who I am to become. Do I want to be female or male? (I choose female)

I don't remember the whole conversation but then an earthquake happens and suddenly I'm here in this life. Who are the lady and the gentleman consoling each other? Why was I in a cave?

I have seen the beauty of the afterlife. I remember it very well. Like different colours, everything is so pretty. Sometimes we take new lives in order to be close to the souls we love in the afterlife.

Your website has helped me when I thought I was crazy and the only one who had these experiences. Dejavu is very prominent in my life and filled with so much detail.

However it's my dreams that really speak to me. Before I knew I was pregnant with my first son I had a dream that I was walking hand in hand with a little boy. He was around 18 months old and he called me mum. Three days later I found out I was pregnant and knew from that moment it was a boy. I had this same dream for every one of my pregnancies. Now I'm the proud mother of 4 kids.

Deborah Mcdowall
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