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Pre-Birth Experience Story
I Remember My Own Birth

I was adopted in 1948. While being born, I zoomed in and out of my baby body in my birth mother's womb in Natchez, MS. Years later, I recalled this event to her after I found her when I was 30: the home, the bluff in Natchez on the Mississippi River, and the exact room. I remembered the doctor who told her, "The next time you decide to be a bad girl, maybe you'll remember this!"

There was an old fashioned tin plate lamp hanging directly over my mother's body on the delivery table with a bright light. She verified this to me. We both remembered how bright it was in our eyes. There were long windows from floor to ceiling. The wind outside, directly from the river's bluff, was blowing the windows so hard that the glass panes sounded like they would break. She verified this.

I remember an antebellum home of dark old red brick with green ivy. When I went there, before finding her, the house was white, so I thought I was wrong. Later, she told me it had been red brick with ivy then, and she had her picture taken with me on the lawn in front of it at three weeks old, while waiting for the station wagon to take me and three other babies to the adoption home in Jackson.

I have had OBE's all of my life. A Nitesoulflyer is who I am. I am elated to have found a site where I can express these things, things and adventures I've longed to talk about all of my life. When my adopted brother, Larry, and I were very small children, the two of us would meet and play on the swing set in our yard during the middle of the night while our parents were sleeping. Of course, they were out-of-body experiences for Larry and me.

I used to be able to see auras as a small child and it appeared to me that everyone I knew wore a major color. Nowadays, it is very rare that I am able to do this. Beside this, I've been psychic and able to hear voices. For example, when I was ten and dressing for school one morning, a male voice said aloud, "If you had a sister, her name would be Gale." Years later, when I found my birth mother, I found two sisters as well, and one was named GAYLE! 'Nuff said.

Susan Arnett