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Pre-Birth Experience Story
A Pre- Birth Memory

The memory itself is odd. I've remembered this since before I was born. It's hard for me to believe it myself sometimes but it's something I really experienced, and has always stuck with me.

Unlike some people's pre-birth memories which are really detailed and vivid, mine was quite simple. Everything was dark. I didn't have any feeling that I can recall -- I actually seemed quite empty, like I was waiting for something to direct me. There wasn't any sense of space.

Then a thought, from seemingly nowhere, asked me, "What do you want to be?" Those were the exact words that entered my mind. I did not question who it was, and I must have known from beforehand that the choice was either "boy" or "girl." I replied, "I want to be a boy." Very plain answer. I can't remember anything else, or whether any other information was exchanged. By reading other people's accounts of their pre-birth memories, I'm guessing a lot more was said, but I wasn't allowed to remember.

I'm 23 years old now, and last year I went into detail with my mom about what I remember from before my birth, and she told me that the odd thing was that the doctor told her I was supposed to be a girl.

After I gave the answer of "boy," I think I left that world pretty much instantly, it seemed. I remember coming unto light, then my first childhood memories didn't kick in until I was two years old.

I searched "Picking Your Own Gender" one day on the internet and that's when I first read the term "pre-birth memory." I was pretty happy to see that other people have experienced such things. It gives me hope and lets me know that what I went through was indeed real. I also feel quite blessed I can remember just a little bit before I was born. I was born on 7/7/1987 at 3:26 a.m.


Posted 2/26/10