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Pre-Birth Experience Story
A Pre-Birth Premonition

I was eight months pregnant with Hank. His sister was sleeping late and I thought that was weird. I was in bed when I heard the windows in the front door rattle like someone had just come in. I heard footsteps across the kitchen floor and down the hall, and they came up to the post at the foot of my bed.

The person standing there looked like my husband. But then I noticed that he was younger, had brown eyes and brown hair, but the same features. It was then I realized it was not my husband. As soon as I thought this, he turned and walked back down the hall, across the kitchen and out the door, rattling the window glass again.

I got up and checked the door and found that the chain was still on it. I checked on the baby and she was still asleep. I called my husband at work and asked if he had been home and he said no. I started to look around the house, but there was no one anywhere.

We went to the doctor's to get a sonogram. She said it was a girl. But I told her it was a boy, that he would have brown hair and brown eyes and would look just like my husband. Sure enough, when he was born it was all true. After he was able to walk, he would get up in the night and come to my bed post. I would ask him if he was ok, and he would say yes, and I would put him back to bed.

He continued to come and stand at my bedpost up into his 20's. I was afraid it was a sign that something was going to happen to him at a young age. I was very careful, but after he turned 12, 14 and on up I became less worried. Then on July 10, 2008 he was robbed, beaten and injured so badly that he was in the CCU in a coma for eleven days. He died on July 21, 2008. He was 27 and had 2 kids.

My nightmare premonition that I always dreaded had come true.

Sandi Johnson

Posted 8/21/08