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Pre-Birth Experience Story

A friend of mine, a minister's wife, had been married before she met her current husband. She and her first husband had two boys, but between the boys they had lost a girl at birth. No more children were planned because there was the possibility of a divorce.

One weekend, she went to a Christian women's retreat, a Chriscio, with a great deal of anxiety. She knew no one. While she was standing in a room filled with women, she heard a voice speak to her. It was so loud that she turned to see if everyone else in the room had heard it also. No one had.

The voice said, "You're going to have a daughter, and you are to name her Sarah. She will be healthy." Immediately, the woman began to argue with the voice. "We don't want any more children, and I don't like the name Sarah." The voice said, "I will prove it to you." Later the group shared an exercise in which the women were seated at tables which were identified with the names of women in the Bible. When her name was called, she was told to sit at the table named Sarah. From that moment on she began to believe.

Despite their efforts to prevent another baby, she became pregnant within two months of this time. She waited until well into her pregnancy to tell her husband the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy. She called the baby "Sarah" and referred to her as "she" all during her pregnancy. Her friends worried about this, thinking that it was wishful thinking due to the fact that she had previously lost a daughter. One of her friends asked her if she would be terribly disappointed if it was not a girl. She answered that there was no chance of it being a boy, that she had it on "the highest authority."

When she went into, the same problem occurred which had resulted in the death of the previous baby. The doctor had to perform a C-section. Before she saw the baby, she asked the nurse, "Is she all right?" The nurse asked if she had had an ultra-sound and she said no. The nurse then asked how she knew it was a girl. She responded simply, "God told me." The nurse shrugged and laughed it off.

Sarah, now a teen, is a loving child whose presence helped her mother through the difficult time of the divorce.