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Scared of Being Born

I am a 35 year old wife and mother of three who is not given to fanaticism. I am even a little skeptical about these things. I am of the Lutheran persuasion and have been raised in a fairly conservative way.

However, I had to write you about a dream I had many years ago. The dream was and still is very clear in my mind. I remember feeling very peaceful and calm after having experienced it, and to this day I am comforted by its message.

I was in an undistinguishable place, full of light, and feeling very ambivalent about the prospect of being born. In fact, I was downright scared, not just of the birth process but of life on earth. Standing before me was a group of people dressed in white. A woman who looked to be middle-aged, with short brown hair, "spoke" to me. She told me calmly not to be afraid, that my spirit would be all right. She explained that my future physical body was merely a temporary place, and that the true me would be inside that body.

I cannot explain exactly how she conveyed this message. I just knew it to be true, and I immediately felt better after having "heard" it. I felt as if these people, or beings, would be with me. In the dream, I was a witness to someone being stabbed with a rather long sword or spear of some kind. But it became clear that, in spite of the physical injury, the person being attacked was ultimately not harmed in any real sense.

I personally believe that this was a real experience. It came to me at a very difficult time of my life.

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