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Pre-Birth Experience Story

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year. We had waited a total of seven years to begin trying. We wanted to wait until we had completed our education before starting a family. I was 30 and he was 31. Neither one of us were highly religious and did not attend church though both of us believed in Jesus Christ. I had a quiet relationship with Jesus from the time I was a child and knew he was a major guiding force in my life...

Anyway, we were excited to discover one evening that our test showed the "little plus sign" indicating that we were finally expecting. I set an appointment for my first prenatal visit for the following week on a Monday. The Thursday before my scheduled appointment was a day that further changed my faith and life forever.

As we lay down in bed Thursday evening I completed my usual ritual of saying a prayer and thanking God for the wonderful blessing. I always kept to myself at prayer as I felt it was my private time with God. It was at that point that an angel of God told me through some type of meditation that we would be having twins.

The details about the angel are difficult to explain. I guess I would say that the message was expressed mentally. It was while I was in prayer that it was relayed to me. The words were never spoken aloud, they merely came into my mind. I felt a presence around me and got a message though my eyes were closed. I don't remember the gender of the angel, just that it also gave me the names Daniel and Joseph. These were the names I was to use for my boys. I drifted to sleep with the happy news.

The next morning when I woke up I told my husband, an obstetrician, that we were having twins and that God had given me the message during prayer. I also told him what their names should be. You can imagine his expression at the time! I also told him there was no way I could wait until Monday to have my ultrasound as the news of having twins was driving me crazy and that I had to know. So, since he knew the ultra sound tech at the hospital, he arranged for me to have it on Friday of that same week.

As I lay on the table with the TV monitor turned away from me, I anxiously awaited the results. When the ultrasound sonographer said, "Oh, my!" I watched my husbands face turn pale as he looked at the screen. I then knew that the insight I had been given by God had been confirmed. I was eight weeks pregnant with twins. My husband walked around in a fog for about a week unable to deal with what I had told him.

My pregnancy will go down as one of the most difficult ones my husband and his colleagues can remember. I even was a topic for our friends' grand rounds on pregnancy and management of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome and pre-term labor.

It was funny that through it all I knew I would be O.K. and that the lives of the twins would be O.K. because God had given me this blessing. The twins were delivered at 34 weeks via C-section, never had to go to the NICU and were able to go home with us upon my discharge. They were very healthy despite all that we had been through during the pregnancy. God kept me in his care. They are our little miracles from God. They are now seven years old.

S. M. - Posted 1-17-2004
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