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Pre-Birth Experience Story
Tailoring Tyler's Title

When a teenaged "spirit" with lovely blue eyes and lots of curly dark hair, wearing jeans and an Ohio State sweatshirt, began approaching me, going, "Psst! Psst!," I took notice of him.

He appeared sort of in my head or imagination, but upper left above my head. He was in "full color" and appeared to be more "real" than what we see with our physical eyes. His image was as clear as a bell, absolutely real with that delightful purity that always confirms true spirit communication. I simply could not imagine anyone that "real."

His speaking was, again, clearer and more "real" than physically normal. It was also very fast! It's like, Did I really see or hear that? I knew what he wanted, and I tried very hard not to know I knew! But he was well aware of how I felt, and he was not about to give up! He "assailed" me everywhere! I mean, at the grocery store, in the car, at work, at home. I didn't even get bathroom privacy from that little dude! He truly was dedicated to his cause.

He said that he was to come into the physical world as the son of my niece. Now, my sister and I are not close, and I did not know my niece (her daughter) was "with child," since she was only a teenager. Still, this persistent young spirit implored me to speak to my sister and ask her, in turn, to speak to her daughter about giving her baby the name "Tyler." He said that, "on the other side of the veil," before my niece had reincarnated, she had promised him that she would become his mother, and that she would name him "Tyler." He told me he needed that name for the balance it would provide.

I begged him to go tell my sister, or my niece, himself! I was not an eager recruit! He said he had tried, but they simply would not accept even the most remote possibility of his existence, much less listen to his wishes! In fact, because her family was so strongly opposed to a belief in spirit communication, my niece had forgotten about her pre-birth promise.

So, reluctantly, I agreed. I telephoned my sister. I told her the truth. I think she listened because she was utterly shocked that I knew of her daughter's pregnancy! Anyway, she then informed me that the medical establishment had already informed her daughter that her child was definitely a little girl.

"Well," I said, "please, when she has her son, please make 'Tyler' part of his name." And she hung up on me. We did not speak again until right after the baby was born.

When my niece's son was born, he was given the middle name of "Tyler"! Bless his sweet heart!

Carol Barfield
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Posted 10-18-2004