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I've always had these memories.  As a tiny child I told those closest to me. 

My memory of what I will call Heaven is very simple. I was looking down at planet Earth from somewhere that felt like home. I cant remember seeing anything around me. I was far enough from Earth that I could see the whole planet, but near enough to see the oceans and the landmasses.  I was very aware that that was where I would be going.

There was somebody just to my left but he felt higher as if I were sitting and he was standing. He was a loving and authoritative figure, and I've always felt it was God. I don't remember seeing him but he was talking to me without words. He told me I was about to be born, and I understood what he meant as though I had done this before. It was like a briefing but done with sensitivity and love. I felt I was leaving for a mission. I asked what I had to do and he said, “You will know when you find it.”

As a toddler and for many years after I would lie in my bed and place the palm of my hand against the cold wall (no central heating then). I did this because I didn't feel properly locked into my body, as if a door had been left ajar. I didn't mind the cold wall against my hand because it made me feel grounded and more at one with my body and planet Earth.

I am 47 now and through many life experiences, many of which are spiritual stories of their own, I am growing spirituality and know that one day I will be going back there, back home.

Mandy Worrall


Posted 4/11/2015