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Reincarnation Stories

This section of the site contains stories of Reincarnation collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

I Was a Civil War Nurse Dec. 2016

Merchant of Jerusalem August 2016

Was I Sarah Josepha Hale? Jan 2016

Was I Karen Carpenter? July 2015

A Memory of Nazi Tanks June 2015

Past Life in LA? June 2015

Past Life in St. Paul, MN Apr. 2015

Traumatic Memories Apr. 2015

Snippets from Former Lives Mar. 2015

From from Life as a Native American Feb. 2015

A Past Life in England Nov. 2014

A Past Life in Sardinia Nov. 2014

My Memories of the Great War July 2014

Past Life in Austria & Germany April. 2014

Two Previous Lives Jan. 2014

Old Mommy/New Mommy Jan. 2014

Two Lighthouses Nov. 2013

Wake Island Flashback Nov. 2013

Killed During a Robbery Nov. 2013

My Daughter and Helicopters Nov. 2013

A Slave in the South Nov. 2013

Two Jasmines Oct.2013

I Watched Myself Being Buried Oct.2013

My Fear of Heights Explained Aug 2013

My Life as a Male Doctor Aug 2013

Knowledge from The Past July 2013

Memories of the Holocaust June 2013

Memories from the Past April 2013

My Life as a Painter April 2013

A U-Boat Sailor March. 2013

Shrami March. 2013

Was I An African Slave? March. 2013

Children's Past Life Memories Feb. 2013

My Life as a Nazi Apr. 2012

I Was a Soldier in WW1 Mar. 2012

The Cat Came Back Jan. 2012

My "Other Mother" Jan. 2012

My Daughter, Several Times Nov. 2011

Joint Memory of a Past Life Nov. 2011

On Dying Nov. 2011

My Son, The French Soldier Sept. 2011

I Was My Own Grandma Sept. 2011

Children's Past Life Recalls Aug. 2011

Memories of England July. 2011

A Man Named Walter June. 2011

A Fear of Heights May. 2011

A Dream of Ancient Egypt Mar. 2011

My Grandson's Former Life? Feb. 2011

Visions of Ancient Egypt Feb. 2011

Killed by the Nazis? Feb. 2011

My Life in a Shipping Family Feb. 2011

My Life as Sophie Jan. 2011

Killed by a Pharaoh? Dec. 2010

Together in Africa Sept. 2010

Two Children Aug. 2010

My Lives in Egypt May 2010

My Life as a Quaker April 2010

A Reincarnation Story from My Son March 2010

A Memory of Murder March 2010

Always a Warrior March 2010

Ancient Egypt Feb. 2010

My Past Life Regression Feb. 2010

A Runner in Nazi Germany Jan. 2010

I Died on 9/11 Jan. 2010

A Phobia Cured Dec. 2009

I Was a Bank Robber Dec. 2009

Two Previous Life Flashbacks Dec. 2009

Was I a Nazi? Dec. 2009

Regressed to a Previous Life June 2009

I Was Murdered Twice June 2009

Coming Back as a Baby Apr. 2009

My Three-Year-Old Niece: Back Again? Apr. 2009

A Warrior in Genghis Khan's Army Feb. 2009

Murdered in a Windmill Feb. 2009

My Death in Egypt Feb. 2009

Brussel Sprouts or "Olivers" Sept. 2008

He Was a Little Girl Aug. 2008

A Child's Knowledge Aug. 2008

I Was an Egyptian Physician July 2008

The Memory of a Fire May 2008

Can He Be His Own Grandfather? Apr. 2008

A Castle Under Attack Mar. 2008

Remembering Old Paths Jan. 2008

Was I a Holocaust Victim?Oct. 2007

My Other Daddy July 2007

A Toddler Remembers July 2007

Did I "Kill" My Grandson May 2007

Was I a Tzar? Apr. 2007

Was I Part of Tsar Nicholas II's Family?Apr. 2007

Did I Know Joan of Arc? Apr. 2007

My Mom/My Baby Apr. 2007

I Was a Deaf Child Mar. 2007

A Prisoner of the Nazis Oct. 2006

My Son, My Brother August 2006

Was I A Russian Peasant? August 2006

Flight 93? August 2006

Wounded in the Civil War? June, 2006

Our Former Lives May, 2006

Death in a Medieval Castle May, 2006

Was I Formerly Italian? June., 2005

Remembering D-Day Feb., 2005

A Child's Frightening Memory Feb., 2005

A Murder Victim Oct., 2004

Remembering Pearl Harbor? July. 2004

Remembering Being Big July. 2004

A Mother-Daughter Memory July. 2004

A Child's Recall July. 2004

A Childhood VIsion July. 2004

Hiding From the Nazis July. 2004

Glimpsing My Past Life July. 2004

Confirmation of a Vision June. 2004

Two Stories June. 2004

A Past Life In China May. 2004

Memory of a Flood Apr. 2004

A Fear of Horses Apr. 2004

A Child's Past-Life Memory Apr. 2004

Two Civil War Stories Apr. 2004

A Meeting Across the Centuries Apr. 2004

Am I My Sister? Mar. 2004

Jonnie's Story Jan. 2004

Stephanie's Story Jan. 2004

John's Story Oct. 2003