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Reincarnation Stories

This section of the site contains stories of Reincarnation collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

A Past Life in England Nov. 2014

A Past Life in Sardinia Nov. 2014

Formerly a Jew Sept. 2014

My Memories of the Great War July 2014

Past Life in Austria & Germany April. 2014

Two Previous Lives Jan. 2014

Old Mommy/New Mommy Jan. 2014

Two Lighthouses Nov. 2013

Wake Island Flashback Nov. 2013

Killed During a Robbery Nov. 2013

My Daughter and Helicopters Nov. 2013

A Slave in the South Nov. 2013

Two Jasmines Oct.2013

I Watched Myself Being Buried Oct.2013

My Fear of Heights Explained Aug 2013

My Life as a Male Doctor Aug 2013

Knowledge from The Past July 2013

Memories of the Holocaust June 2013

Memories from the Past April 2013

My Life as a Painter April 2013

A U-Boat Sailor March. 2013

Shrami March. 2013

Was I An African Slave? March. 2013

Children's Past Life Memories Feb. 2013

My Life as a Nazi Apr. 2012

I Was a Soldier in WW1 Mar. 2012

The Cat Came Back Jan. 2012

My "Other Mother" Jan. 2012

My Daughter, Several Times Nov. 2011

Joint Memory of a Past Life Nov. 2011

On Dying Nov. 2011

My Son, The French Soldier Sept. 2011

I Was My Own Grandma Sept. 2011

Children's Past Life Recalls Aug. 2011

Memories of England July. 2011

A Man Named Walter June. 2011

A Fear of Heights May. 2011

A Dream of Ancient Egypt Mar. 2011

My Grandson's Former Life? Feb. 2011

Visions of Ancient Egypt Feb. 2011

Killed by the Nazis? Feb. 2011

My Life in a Shipping Family Feb. 2011

My Life as Sophie Jan. 2011

Killed by a Pharaoh? Dec. 2010

Together in Africa Sept. 2010

Two Children Aug. 2010

My Lives in Egypt May 2010

My Life as a Quaker April 2010

A Reincarnation Story from My Son March 2010

A Memory of Murder March 2010

Always a Warrior March 2010

Ancient Egypt Feb. 2010

My Past Life Regression Feb. 2010

A Runner in Nazi Germany Jan. 2010

I Died on 9/11 Jan. 2010

A Phobia Cured Dec. 2009

I Was a Bank Robber Dec. 2009

Two Previous Life Flashbacks Dec. 2009

Was I a Nazi? Dec. 2009

Regressed to a Previous Life June 2009

I Was Murdered Twice June 2009

Coming Back as a Baby Apr. 2009

My Three-Year-Old Niece: Back Again? Apr. 2009

A Warrior in Genghis Khan's Army Feb. 2009

Murdered in a Windmill Feb. 2009

My Death in Egypt Feb. 2009

Brussel Sprouts or "Olivers" Sept. 2008

He Was a Little Girl Aug. 2008

A Child's Knowledge Aug. 2008

I Was an Egyptian Physician July 2008

The Memory of a Fire May 2008

Can He Be His Own Grandfather? Apr. 2008

A Castle Under Attack Mar. 2008

Remembering Old Paths Jan. 2008

Was I a Holocaust Victim?Oct. 2007

My Other Daddy July 2007

A Toddler Remembers July 2007

Did I "Kill" My Grandson May 2007

Was I a Tzar? Apr. 2007

Was I Part of Tsar Nicholas II's Family?Apr. 2007

Did I Know Joan of Arc? Apr. 2007

My Mom/My Baby Apr. 2007

I Was a Deaf Child Mar. 2007

A Prisoner of the Nazis Oct. 2006

My Son, My Brother August 2006

Was I A Russian Peasant? August 2006

Flight 93? August 2006

Wounded in the Civil War? June, 2006

Our Former Lives May, 2006

Death in a Medieval Castle May, 2006

Was I Formerly Italian? June., 2005

Remembering D-Day Feb., 2005

A Child's Frightening Memory Feb., 2005

A Murder Victim Oct., 2004

Remembering Pearl Harbor? July. 2004

Remembering Being Big July. 2004

A Mother-Daughter Memory July. 2004

A Child's Recall July. 2004

A Childhood VIsion July. 2004

Hiding From the Nazis July. 2004

Glimpsing My Past Life July. 2004

Confirmation of a Vision June. 2004

Two Stories June. 2004

A Past Life In China May. 2004

Memory of a Flood Apr. 2004

A Fear of Horses Apr. 2004

A Child's Past-Life Memory Apr. 2004

Two Civil War Stories Apr. 2004

A Meeting Across the Centuries Apr. 2004

Am I My Sister? Mar. 2004

Jonnie's Story Jan. 2004

Stephanie's Story Jan. 2004

John's Story Oct. 2003