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I Died on 9/11

I read some of the reincarnation stories on your site after hearing the story on the news recently of a boy who dreamed of his past life as a WWII pilot. It reminded me an interesting statement my daughter made to me.

Several years ago, when my daughter was just over three years old, my husband and I were watching a TV show about 9/11. It was on or around the anniversary of the event. My daughter, who was coloring nearby, looked up when the screen showed a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center buildings. She said to us, "I died there."

Then she just went back to coloring like she hadn't said a word. We had never talked to her about the concept of death, and had never discussed 9/11 with her. Since then she has not said anything else about it, but now if something comes on TV about 9/11, she says, "I don't want to watch this."

So, my husband and I definitely believe in reincarnation after witnessing our daughter's reaction to the 9/11 show.

Vicki Pocock

Posted Jan. 5, 2010