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For years I felt that I had some connection to Africa. I've long accepted my memories as from a past life. In my memory, I was a black man, native to Africa. A white family employed me, and I was very fond of them. I have many memories of my bwana and memsahib (these words mean "mister" and "mistress" in Swahili, which I am sure was my native tongue), and I know that they trusted me and treated me fairly. My employers were English, possible an Army family. My research implies I was native to Kenya.
My memory most relevant to our story is that my employers had a young daughter, and I remember being quite protective of her. One day she came to fetch me, and dragged me to show me something in the yard. She kept repeating "pretty stick" and I felt very uneasy, thinking she might have disturbed something dangerous. I was right; she had been prodding a deadly snake with a stick, and I had to pick her up, run back to the bungalow and set the dog on the snake.

When I first met the friend who showed me your site, we clicked straight away. I remember feeling very motherly towards her and we became very close. One day, she told me how she used to have dreams of Africa when she was little. She told me about a black man who she remembered saving her from a snake. I was interested because of my own experiences, but never said anything about it. She had another memory, a lot more terrifying, of her mother from her past life being pregnant and standing in their kitchen with a knife, as the bungalow was being attacked by blacks. She said they killed their dog. This memory of hers shocked me, and somehow jogged my memory. I knew that the dog that was killed was the dog I had set on the snake in my memory.

I shared my story with my friend, who was just as shocked as I was. When I told her about the snake, she stopped me and said, "Jenga". I was speechless. I suddenly knew that Jenga had been my name, and that my friend had been the little girl I was so fond of in that former life.

It's reassuring to have somebody with me whom I have known from a previous life. We're convinced that something brought us together, and we're inseparable now. I have also read that we surround ourselves with familiar souls throughout our journey, and there is something immensely comforting in that.

Becca & Kelly xx
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Posted Sept. 7, 2010