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The Cat Came Back

October 11th was the last morning I saw my 13-month-old black cat, Annabelle. A few days later I was informed by my neighbor that they found her run over. I was completely devastated by the news. She was the first cat I let myself get attached to since I was a child.

Afterwards, I'd frequently visit her grave and talk to her saying: "Bella, if reincarnation for animals is true, please hop into a neighbor's kitten and come home to me, because I really miss you." Since I live way out in the country and have very few neighbors, I didn't think this would happen.

Three months later, January 11th, I noticed out of my living room window a little black kitten walking up to my front door. I went outside to pick it up. A little tiny boy kitten no more than seven weeks old came out of nowhere. I called around but found that he didn't belong to anyone nearby.

Junior, who is Annabelle's brother, has taken a liking to this little fella, now named Black Jack by my daughter. Junior gives him baths and cuddles with him the way he did with Annabelle. I think this is more than just a coincidence. I strongly believe that Annabelle came home as Jack.

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Posted 1-19-2012