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My mom and dad recount this story often. This is what they tell me. When I was little, I could talk before I could walk. When I was just shy of being two years old, my mom, dad and I were riding in the car and I asked where we were going. My dad told me they were going to visit the family of a friend and colleague of my dad's from work who had died.

I began to assure them that everything was ok and that they didn't need to be sad about it. When they asked me why, I was very matter of fact about stating what was obvious to me. I told them that it's ok because when you die, you are born as a little baby again.

Stunned, they continued to ask me questions about it and it was evident that I just knew this fact, and was a bit bewildered as to why they didn't seem to know it too. But I was not upset at death and continued to reassure them that he was ok.

My dad tells me that not long after that, I had no recollection of that conversation or about being reborn. My family and I are all Christians in the Lutheran church and my dad to this day believes in reincarnation because of my comment, despite multiple
theologians stating that it can't be true.

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Posted August 20, 2008