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This story is about a friend's grandson when he was three years old. His grandmother (who was like an auntie to me) and grandfather were driving along a road in California, where they lived. They happened to pass by a cemetery where there were several men working with equipment to open a new grave.

While they were driving by, the little one said, "When I was an old man, I used to do that with a shovel for my job." His grandfather was startled, as was his grandmother, and he had to stop the car by pulling into a layby near by.

They questioned the boy ever so gently, asking him how he knew this. He responded something to the effect that it was what he knows he did, because he "'membered" it." He also had memories of his wife and of the fact that he had grown children when he did this job.

He is now in high school and doesn't remember this event any longer, but his grandparents do. This incident seemed to cement their already long standing belief in reincarnation.

Jeanne M. Callahan

Posted July 3, 2004