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A Childhood Vision

When I was a child I would get very high fevers which resulted in hallucinations. These visions were always the same -- a strip of dry land very much like an old fashioned bridge with railings and water on both sides. The water was very frightening to me. The scene was so clear in my vision that I could draw an exact picture of the place. There was also a church on the grounds. It was scary to wonder why these recurring dreams/hallucinations would happen to me.

When I was twenty-four, I took a trip with my mother and sisters to a place in Michigan where she used to go as a child every summer. When we arrived, the first place she wanted to stop was a church which she attended while staying at their cottage on the lake.

My first feeling was shock. Before we even got out of the car, I already knew what everything looked like. I could tell my mother that there was a land-bridge behind and to the left of the church. She and my sisters looked at me in shock. She reminded me that I had never been there before. Even so, it felt as though I knew this place.

I told her about my childhood hallucinations and she remembered them and said, "Yes, you always yelled about the water." I explained how afraid I was of the water on both sides of that strip of land. And there it was in front of me, exactly as I had seen it in my visions.

I can't explain my feelings at being there other than that I felt welcome. A very old man, who my mother knew, was still alive at the time of our visit, and he took us out on a boat. He took an instant liking to me, and there was something about him that was very familiar.

In my adult life before we went to Michigan, I occasionally had this same dream. But I don't believe I ever had it again after that visit.

Posted July 3, 2004