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I Was a Civil War Nurse

I've had a reoccurring dream of being a Civil War nurse. I am 32 years old now but it started in my early 20’s and I've always known it was a past life. Regardless of what my religion taught, I just knew reincarnation was real and my dream has been the exact same for years.

In my dream I am coming out of a patient’s room carrying bloody sheets and I have the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and tired. The hallway is painted a maroon color and the paint is chipping off so you can see the white underneath. I look to my right and recognize my father from this life standing in the doorway of his room. He has his right leg in what looks like a cast but which is really just pieces of cloth wrapped around his whole leg. He also has a bloody cloth wrapped around his head and he's leaning on a crutch.

I turn to my left and start walking down the hallway that takes a hard turn to the right at the end. I can see sunshine lighting up the end of this hallway and I can feel the warmth of it as I get closer. As I round the corner, the hallway continues but I walk through double doors to my left that are open and lead to a large balcony.

I look over the edge of the balcony and see a dirt road with a lot of people walking by. Some are old men in Civil War era officer’s uniforms, but what strikes me the most is the sight of two ladies in beautiful dresses. They are sitting on an iron bench talking to a soldier. I envied their clothes.
One was wearing a light pink dress with a matching bonnet and parasol, the other had on a baby blue dress, bonnet and parasol. I wanted to be them and I remember thinking that they had no idea what war really was and how I was stuck taking care of the men.

They were laughing and talking and enjoying the day, completely unaware of how horrible it was inside the hospital, which made me even more envious. While I am not envious of anyone in this life, I still have an awful dislike of people who are uncompassionate towards others.

I also remember being a Nazi looking for Jews under a tank of some sort, but that dream is pretty fuzzy and I can't remember a lot of details. However, in this life in my younger years before I had this dream, I had a deep hate for Jews as soon as I was old enough to realize who they were. I could never figure out why I hated them until I had this dream. Of course I don't have any hate now after realizing that it stemmed from a past life.

Jacqlyn Jarabek

Posted 12-9-2016