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Flight 93?

Before September 11, I had a recurring dream. I was on a plane and I knew I was going to die. Everything on the plane was crazy. I remember people screaming and crying, and others fighting at the front of the plane. In my dream, I didn't look like me. It was like I was someone else. I couldn't see my face; it was just that my body was different. I was sitting by the window and I could see a lot of trees and a field. Then everything went black. I knew the plane had crashed. I was just glad that it didn't hurt. Then I woke up.

I felt sick to my stomach every time the dream recurred. It was like someone I knew was going to die, like I was waiting for something to happen. Then September 11 happened and I knew my dream was about flight 93. I became pregnant soon after. I had a girl whom I named Leora (which means "light"). She was born in August, 2002. The dream continued to bother me. I didn't know the connection.

My family had a psychic come to their house to do a group reading. I asked about the dream. She told me that my daughter had been on that plane. She said that I knew about it because our spirits were connected. I really didn't believe it. I just decided to wait and see if my daughter said anything. She was about three years old.

She slept over at her grandmother's house one night. She woke up twice crying, saying she didn't want to be on the plane anymore, that she wanted her parents. She was never on a plane. She also said the plane was going down. There was a woman on the plane named something like Deora. My daughter says her name is Deora, not Leora.

Mary Neely

Posted August 2, 2006