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When my daughter was around three, she was afraid to sleep through a thunderstorm, so one night I got in bed with her. As it was early for me, I was still dressed.

She looked at me and started laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said, "Bogey used to sleep in his clothes, too."

"Who's Bogey?" I asked

"My husband," she replied. I asked if she was married, wondering where she got "Bogey" from.

"When I was big. We had a house in the woods. I was pregnant and it snowed a lot and I couldn't get to the doctor and he couldn't get to me so I died when the baby was trying to be born. Then I came to live with you and Mommy."

She's 14 now and has no memory of this.

My nephew told me about the cars he owned when he was "big," and my friend's nephew sang Beatle songs he had never heard before. His mom asked him how he knew the words to songs he hadn't heard, and he replied that "We all sang them in Vietnam in the war." He was four at that time.


Posted Aug. 14, 2011