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A Runner in Nazi Germany

Many years ago I had dream which was completely different from any other I've ever had.

I was driving a car and going very fast. The current "I" was looking at the whole scene as if I was sitting on the car's roof and looking inside from a third-person point of view.

In the back seat was a man and a young girl around five years old who was more than likely his child. I believe they were Jewish and were attempting to flee the country. I was helping them get out. They kept ducking down in the backseat as if trying to avoid being seen. I kept looking in my rear view mirror.

Finally we came to a shop of some kind and everyone ran inside and downstairs. It looked like a storage area. I'm guessing this was a pickup/drop-off point, kind of like the Underground Railroad. I passed a mirror and saw my own reflection. I looked as I do now, only I wasn't me as in the present day; I had a 1940s appearance about me.

I believe that at some point I was caught by the Nazis and executed for my "crimes." As I recall this memory, I feel very proud of what I was trying to do, that I may have saved people from being executed during that time. The only term that comes to mind to describe my role back then is "Runner."

Today I have a fondness for Germany and am trying to learn the language. I hope to visit there someday. My grandmother and great-grandparents are from Germany.


Posted January 22, 2010