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Was I a Nazi?

I am an American, born & bred (a Texan). All of my older cousins fought in WWII against the Nazis. I was born in 1944. Ever since I was a small boy, whenever I saw a movie with WWII fighter planes in it, I had the feeling that I was flying and fighting in a German Messerschmitt 109. When I saw "movie" Nazis, I could recognize when any of the actors' costumes weren't "correct" or if their medals were not in the proper order.

When, about ten years ago, I got the chance to travel through Europe, I visited some pen-pals in Munich, Germany. From the first moment I met them, I could speak and understand German. All of the people I met over there told me that I spoke Bavarian German. As my friends were showing me around the city, I pointed out a large building and mentioned that it was the old Gestapo headquarters. They were amazed that I could know that. I pointed to a blank spot above the doorway and told them that was where the Eagle & Swastika symbol had been carved.

Even today, whenever I hear Wagners' Ride of the Valkyries music, I mentally see myself flying in that Messerschmitt, firing at the British and American fighter planes. Sometimes, that vision ends with me being shot down, my plane burning, and the ground rapidly spiraling up at me.

One other thing that I cannot explain is that when I watched a TV show recently about Hitler, I had to bite my tongue to keep from blurting out that it was all wrong, that he was a wonderful man and the greatest leader Germany ever had. I had a sudden flash of memory where he pinned a medal on my coat and shook my hand. I could actually "see" his piercing blue eyes staring right at me as he did so.

To say that I am deeply troubled by these things is putting it mildly!! I truly wish I didn't think of any of them, but they seem to be memories that I cannot put aside. I thought about going to a therapist at the VA hospital, but I don't want to admit to anyone that I might have been a Nazi once.

Just call me, Eric. That's the name that always comes into my mind when I have those mental visions.
John's response in part:

We are not morally responsible for actions we took in a previous life. You have already had your life review on the other side, and confessed before God what you considered to be wrong acts committed in that life. And you have been forgiven. So your conscience should be clear in this life, and you need to tell yourself that you should not feel ashamed or guilty. This current life is a karmic opportunity to get that whole business out of your system, with enough reminders of the previous life to keep you true to your current mission, as you perform positive deeds to balance those of that former life.