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It is interesting reading about reincarnation. I was raised a strict Catholic with all the trimmings (Catholic School). I was told that the thought of reincarnation was wrong and should not be discussed. Basically I took that as truth and never discussed it.

What always puzzled me, however, was a recurring dream I have had since I was a child. The dream is always the same and ends with my suddenly waking up, my heart beating 100 mph. I dream that I am in a steel room with no way out. There is water rising, slowly closing in on me. When the water is just about to cover me I wake up. The dream is the same every time, and I am now 47 years old.

A few years back, I was watching a documentary on the attack at Pearl Harbor and I felt the same fear while viewing the program that has haunted me for so many years in my dreams. It was almost as if I could feel and see what the trapped sailors inside the ships were experiencing. I became very frightened and anxious for the duration of the program, and think about it every time I see the Arizona memorial.

I was a trained physician who gave up my medical degree to become a boat captain and biologist. The sea has always drawn me. I seem to feel at ease when I am close to the ocean. I run a research vessel in South Florida. I travel around the world periodically teaching islanders who rely on the ocean for a livelihood. I teach them how to utilize their resources properly and keep the marine environment healthy for generations to come. I am amazed how much our incredible environment reinforces our faith in God.

When I dive into the deep in a one man submersible (interesting that I can get into one considering the dreams I have) and see what few men have seen, I am in total awe of God. As a physician I have studied the body extensively and once again am totally in awe of our God. I guess I am lucky to be able to see and feel so many extraordinary things. God has blessed me with proof of his existence. If everyone could see the physical earth this way, there would be no non-believers.

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Posted July 11, 2004