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My Life in a Shipping Family

I was a teenager when I had a vivid dream, with flashes of a life that wasn't my current one.

I was a little girl standing on the docks dressed in a very old-fashioned style, probably late 18th-century. I was holding my father's hand who I recognized as my brother in this life, though they looked nothing alike.

We were there to meet with another family to talk about setting up a partnership in the shipping business. There was a boy there who was a little older than I was, and when I saw him I knew he was the man I was going to marry.

The dream suddenly flashed forward and I was at a church attending a funeral for the little boy. Except now he had grown up into a man and had been lost at sea just shortly before we were supposed to be married.

My father was there consoling me. The dream flashed forward again, to where I was moving the things which he had given me, things which reminded me of him. I was moving them to the attic and I was crying very hard! A sister was helping me and I recognized her as a long-time friend from my current life to whom I have always been close.

The dream ended there and left me with no details I could use to research it, but I am convinced it was a soul memory. I have had other friends remember me in their past lives, each time triggering bits of my memories of the same time.

Lucy Wright

Posted Feb 1, 2011